NO! To Be Featured During Mexico International AIDS Conference

July 29, 2008

World AIDS Conference August 3rd-August 8th, 2008

The 17th Internation AIDS Conference is taking place in Mexico City on August 3rd to August 8th.  Bringing together scholars, activists, organizers, and policy makers from around the world, the conference’s aim and focus is the following according to it’s publicity on the site:

“AIDS 2008 will provide many opportunities for the presentation of important new scientific research and for productive, structured dialogue on the major challenges facing the global response to AIDS. Conference organizers are developing a wide variety of session types that meet the needs of various participants and support collective efforts to expand delivery of HIV prevention and treatment to communities worldwide. Central to many of these sessions will be the transfer of knowledge and sharing of best practices.

In addition to the conference sessions there are a number of activities, including satellite meetings, exhibitions, the Global Village and the Cultural Programme, that are integral to delegates’ experience at the conference.

NO! will be screened on Wednesday, August 6th at 4pm. Although we will not be present, we will certainly be there in spirit and look forward to hearing about the conference from our friends and allies who will be present.  The links between violence against women and the AIDS epidemic are clear.  We hope that the conference continues the work of bringing these links to the forefront of everyone’s attention.

I’m proud to announce NO! will be screened on