photo by: Julie Yarbrough

photo by: Julie Yarbrough


Aishah Shahidah Simmons is an award-winning Black feminist lesbian documentary filmmaker, educator, activist, cultural worker, writer and international lecturer. An incest and rape survivor, she is the producer, writer, and director of the Ford Foundation-funded, internationally acclaimed and award-winning feature length film NO! The Rape Documentary. Alice Walker, the Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award-winning author of The Color Purple, says, “If the Black community in the Americas and in the world would save itself, it must complete the work that [NO!] begins.”

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Aishah is one of the 2016-2019 inaugural cohorts of the Just Beginnings Collaborative (JBC), a group of eight fellows and ten grantee organizations that addresses these issues. Funded by the NoVo Foundation, this movement initiates strategies to end child sexual abuse.

Her JBC-funded multimedia work #LoveWITHAccountability journeys deeper than NO! to pull up the roots of child sexual abuse. Aishah is unequivocal in her belief that if we do not collectively pull up those roots, we not only allow the most vulnerable to be sexually victimized, but we will also never ever end adult rape.  #LoveWITHAccountability examines how accountability is a powerful and necessary form of love needed to address child sexual abuse (CSA). #LoveWITHAccountability also examines how the silence around child sexual abuse in the familial institution plays a direct role in creating a culture of sexual violence in all other institutions—religious, academic, activist, political and professional. She is in the final stages of editing the forthcoming #LoveWITHAccountability Anthology (AK Press, 2019). The anthology will feature 40- adult diasporic Black cisgender, transgender, and gender non binary child sexual abuse survivors and advocates who share their written testimonies, expertise, and visions for how we can address the global epidemic of child sexual abuse without solely relying upon the the very state that brutalizes communities of color

Aishah is also a 2016-2019 Visiting Scholar at the School for Social Policy and Practice (SP2) at the University of Pennsylvania. While in residence at SP2, she continues to develop her #LoveWITHAccountability project under the auspices of her four-year JBC Fellowship. This work includes editing an anthology of writings by diasporic Black child sexual abuse survivors and advocates, and hosting a national convening. The interlocutors that she engages with at SP2 include the Evelyn Jacobs Ortner Center on Violence and Abuse in Relationships, the Slought Foundation, Penn Violence Prevention, and CAMRA, an interdisciplinary collective of researchers and educators committed to participatory and experimental media-making.

Aishah is the 2018 winner of the American Studies Associations Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies seventh annual Gloria E. Anzaldúa Award for Independent Scholars, Contingent or Community College Faculty.

The Committee was thoroughly impressed with your important cultural work at the forefront of intersectional feminist praxis. We agree that NO! The Rape Documentary was indeed “ahead of its time” and that it thoroughly reflects and builds on the vital tradition of work generated by women of color activists, cultural workers, and scholars.

Previously, Aishah was the 2015-2016 Sterling Brown Professor of Africana Studies at Williams College, an Adjunct Professor in the Women’s and LGBT Studies Program at Temple University, an O’Brien Distinguished Visiting Professor in the Feminist, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department at Scripps College, an Artist-in-Residence at the Center for the Study of Race, Politics and Culture and a Visiting Lecturer in the Department of Cinema and Media Studies at the University of Chicago, and an Artist-in-Residence at Spelman College’s Digital Moving Image Salon.

Her essays have been anthologized in several anthologies, including Queering Sexual Violence: Radical Voices from Within the Anti-Violence Movement anthology edited by Jennifer Patterson and Dear Sister: Letters from Survivors of Sexual Violence anthology edited by Lisa Factora-Borchers.

Aishah is both an Associate Editor of online publication, The Feminist Wire, and a member of  the editorial board of The Feminist Wire Books Series at the University of Arizona Press. Her cultural work and activism have been both published and documented extensively in a wide range of media outlets including The New York Times,, Essence, CASSIUS, The Root, Imagine Otherwise, Crisis, Forbes, Left of Black, In These Times, Ms. Magazine, Alternet, ColorLines, The Philadelphia Weekly, National Public Radio (NPR), Pacifica Radio Network and Black Entertainment Television (BET).

Click here for an in-depth non-exclusive listing of Simmons' writings and media coverage from 1994 -- to the present.

Aishah has screened her work, guest lectured, and facilitated workshops and dialogues to racially and ethnically diverse audiences at colleges and universities, high schools, conferences, international film festivals, rape crisis centers, battered women shelters, community centers, juvenile correctional facilities, and government sponsored events across the United States and Canada, throughout Italy, in South Africa, France, England, Croatia, Hungary, The Netherlands, Mexico, Kenya, Malaysia, India, Switzerland, St. Croix U.S.V.I, Germany, and Cuba. You can follow Aishah on twitter @AfroLez and #LoveWITHAccountability at @LoveAccountably.


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