Survived and Punished releases “Criminalizing Survival” Resource

Survived and Punished announce the release of their newest resource, Criminalizing Survival, that builds on the “Criminalizing Domestic Violence” curriculum unit that they released a couple of weeks ago for use during October Domestic Violence Awareness Month (DVAM) and beyond.

Criminalizing Survival.jpg

This new resource includes curriculum units and activities that can be used for political education focused on the intersections between racialized gender-based violence and criminalization. Some of the activities also address the problems of carceral feminisms and crimmigration."

Criminalizing Survival was conceived and coordinated by Mariame Kaba. It includes contributions by Iliana Figueroa, Jane Hereth, Mariame Kaba, Holly Krig, Colby Lenz, Deana Lewis, Chez Rumpf, Ann Russo, and Hyejin Shim. Over the past few months, the project benefitted from the ideas and labor of Alisa Bierria, Mandi Hinkley, Santera Michels, Naomi Milstein, Xilli Rose, Andy Smith and Lewis Wallace. Danbee Kim designed the resource.

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