Color/Digital Video/112 minutes/USA/2007


Produced and directed by Aishah Shahidah Simmons, Breaking Silences: A Supplemental Video to NO! The Rape Documentary features selected in-depth excerpts from the thirty plus hours of footage that didn’t make it into the award winning, internationally acclaimed NO! The Rape Documentary.

This comprehensive video is compartmentalized into five individual segments, which feature compelling messages from women and men violence prevention advocates/activists and riveting testimonials from women who are multiple survivors of sexual violence.

Deconstructing Rape Myths (30 minutes)
Featuring Aaronette M. White, Ph.D.

A social psychologist and activist dispels 17 rape myths and misconceptions that impact the way many members of society tend to think about and respond to rape and other forms of sexual assault. She underscores the importance of dispelling these myths and misconceptions so that:

  1. Women victim/survivors will tend to speak out more; and

  2. Women victim/survivors will have a better chance of getting justice in the criminal justice system because members of the criminal justice system including:

  • police officers,
  • judges,
  • lawyers, and
  • prospective jurors

will all have a better understanding about rape and other forms of sexual assault.

The Role of Religion in Violence Against Women (25 minutes)

Featuring Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons, Ph.D. and Rev. Traci C. West, Ph.D.

Two feminist/womanist Islamic and Christian scholars and theologians both critique the negative impact of the role of religion in violence against women, while celebrating how women have used and continue to use Christianity and Islam to nourish their spirits and their souls while they heal from all forms of battering and sexual violence.

Women, Incarceration, & The Impact of Sexual Abuse (18 minutes)

Featuring Pat Clark

A veteran criminal justice advocate addresses some of the most critical struggles that incarcerated women, many of who are survivors of domestic and sexual violence, must face every day, while offering concrete solutions about what those of us who aren’t incarcerated can and should do to challenge the injustices and address the needs of imprisoned women.

Additional Testimonies From Survivors (20 minutes)

Featuring Salamishah Tillet, Ph.D. and Gwendolyn Zoharah Simmons, Ph.D.

Their individual assaults occurred thirty years apart on two different continents and yet there is a common theme that is conveyed through their testimonies.

Men Speak Out Against Raping and Battering (16 minutes)

Featuring Michael Simmons, Ulester Douglas, Sulaiman Nuriddin
and John T. Dickerson, Jr.

Men activists who have demonstrated track records of standing on the frontlines of local, national and global movements that address, challenge, and work towards ending all forms of violence perpetuated against women and girls, have honest and frank discussions about what all men must do to stop the (heterosexual) raping and battering of women.

Breaking Silences is an ideal educational organizing tool, which can be used both independently and as a supplement to NO! The Rape Documentary.

The chaptered DVD menu gives viewers the option to view the segments separately or in one viewing.

You might host a one-time screening of the video in its entirety; or, you might host a five-part screening series, which would feature each segment, followed by conversations and workshops, in your

  •  dormitory
  • classroom
  • church or mosque
  • rape crisis center
  • shelter
  • correctional facility
  • living room
  • community space

Breaking Silences